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Policy Issues


Lori’s call to run was born of a simple idea, a representative who would represent herself and her neighbors. She believes that voting is a fundamental right, and that for too long, starting with Citizens United, the representation of the regular people has been usurped by those who would prefer to cater to big money special interests.

  • Supports the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, as the best chance to safeguard voters against racist voter suppression efforts and restore the Voting Rights Act to its full power. 

  • Supports a federal ban on gerrymandering. Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around. Lori stands for an independent body creating districts that reflect the diversity we have in Indiana. Partisan maps increase voter suppression.  



Lori knows your basic human rights should not be determined by the state you live in. Lori will fight for the freedom, safety and agency of women.

  • Codifying Roe v. Wade into law


Lori knows that too many LGBTQ+ Americans still lack basic legal protections in far too many states, Indiana included. LGBTQ+ individuals are excluded from federal civil rights protections, which leaves millions of people subject to discrimination if they live in a state that does not grant equal rights and protections. Lori will work to:

  • Enshrine anti-discrimination protections into federal law and ensure the civil rights of everyone in our country are respected. 

  • Pass the Every Child Deserves a Family Act, which would provide equal treatment for LGBTQ+ couples who hope to adopt or foster a child.


Veteran's face unique challenges as they transition from active duty to civilian life, and Lori believes that we can do a much better job in assisting in that transition. From making sure that our veterans are given the support they need, from physical and mental health care, to ensuring that those that want to continue their education are given the tools to do so. Lori will work to make certain the veterans of today and tomorrow feel the thanks of a grateful nation.

  • Supports funding and accessibility that will ensure the VA is the gold standard for all medical care.

  • Ensuring that the GI Bill adequately covers educational expenses so that our veterans can achieve goals of higher education.



Lori recognizes that there are two primary issues that must be addressed in regards to Social Security. First, addressing the fact that in the near future there may be a shortfall, that is to say, not enough money to cover the amount owed to current retirees. Second, we must address that, in many cases, the benefits are not keeping up with the rising cost of living. Lori supports the following:

  • Changing or removing the current SS tax income cap, which is currently set at 168,800.00. 

  • Adjusting the cost of living formula to more adequately reflect the actual cost of living and by setting a minimum monthly payment, ensuring that no senior falls into poverty when they retire.

  • Common sense reforms that will protect seniors and guarantee that the benefits they paid into are there when they retire.​


Healthcare access and affordability is one of the most important issues we face. Americans can’t feel safe when they are ill and/or worried about how they will pay for an unforeseen catastrophic illness or injury. Lori will work strengthen healthcare protections and improve affordability by doing the following:​

  • Reforming healthcare so that where you work does not determine how good or bad your healthcare is

  • Providing efficient and affordable mental and emotional healthcare

  • Fight against any Republican attempt to privatize Medicare and working toward a Medicare for all solution.

  • Prevent insurance companies from raising premiums when people become sick


​As a small business professional, Lori understands that small businesses are the lifeblood of our economy. For far too long the playing field has been stacked in favor of the large corporations. Lori Supports the following to give small business a more fair playing field:

  • Legislation to tackle the anticompetitive overreach by large corporations. This behavior harms not only the small businesses that are vital to our communities, but also harm the families of our communities by artificially inflating prices.

  • Supports the investments into infrastructure that will give our communities the tools they need to remain globally competitive. This will not only create good paying jobs, it will also improve the safety of our infrastructure, making our daily lives better. This includes reliable internet, safe road ways, and power supplies.


​Fair and consistent immigration policies are essential for our country. Lori will support the bi-partisan immigration reform bill of 2024. It’s critical to keep our nation’s border areas safe while ensuring humane and fair treatment of those who wish to immigrate.  

Lori supports the following to address the crisis at the Southern Border:

  • Allot more federal dollars to the Customs and Border Protection agency

  • Incentivize migrants to enter at official ports of entry. Mandatory detentions of those who cross the border at unauthorized entry points

  • Expedite the asylum claims process

  • Ensure all unaccompanied minors have legal representation in court proceedings

  • Congress needs to address the policies that have created the destabilization of the countries involved in the border crisis.


Climate change is a direct threat to our personal safety, the environment, and our agricultural economy. Here in the Midwest, floods from extreme weather events have caused crops to drown in the fields. In 2022, crop insurance companies paid out a record $19 BILLION to cover farmer losses. Lori will support and expand the following programs that encourage sustainable agriculture to protect our rural Hoosier way of life. 

  • Environmental Quality Incentives Program - Provides technical and financial help to landowners for conservation practices that protect natural resources

  • Conservation Stewardship Program - Helps landowners, land trusts, tribes and other entities protect, restore & enhance wetlands, grasslands, and working farms & ranches through conservation enhancements

  • Conservation Technical Assistance -  Provides technical assistance to help landowners address opportunities, concerns, and problems related to natural resources

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