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Lori Camp For Congress

Lori Camp (born December 11, 1966) is a lifelong resident of South Bend, Indiana. She attended SBCSC public schools and IUSB graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice. Lori has worked at a small business, Donnell Systems, since 1998. She is currently the Operations and Training Manager and the Vendor Compliance Coordinator.

After her daughter was born in 2004, Lori served as a volunteer both for the SBCSC and her daughter’s gymnastic team. She was also a member of the SBCSC Magnet School Task Force which helped the SBCSC determine how the magnet programs could be improved or changed to benefit the greater community. She was a volunteer at John Adams High School as a member of the booster club. Lori has coached multiple high school dive teams for the past six years. Lori jumped in to coach when there was a need, much the same as her jump into service to run for the US Representative in the Second District.

Lori and her husband Bob, live in South Bend, where they are second year empty nesters. Their daughter, Katie, is a current Dean’s List student at Lafayette College, where she was recruited to dive for the Leopards. Though their child is out of state, their goldendoodle Teddy keeps them busy with his playful spirit.

Lori is running to be the US Representative for the second district to instill our good Hoosier values of honesty and integrity to the floor of Congress. Coaching high school athletes has well prepared her for the wild antics we all have seen in Washington DC. And like any good coach, Lori will bring out the best in each of us so we can win together.

Lori firmly believes that healthcare, especially reproductive healthcare, is a freedom that must be restored and protected at the national level. In addition, Lori will work for you to bring compassionate and secure immigration reform to success. Lori knows your freedom and security are your fundamental rights, and she will not play politics with your body and your safety. Lori will also work to guide the economy to build and sustain the middle class in the 21st century. For too long the fat cat big money politicians and their enablers have swindled their way into office to write legislation that benefits the big donors. Lori Camp is your next-door neighbor. Every word she writes and every vote she casts will be for you. Her heart and soul is in the union backed middle class neighborhoods of North Central Indiana. She represents you. And together, Lori can accomplish all of this and more as your Second District US Representative.

To contact Lori, please write to

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