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The image shows the candidate, Lori Camp lsmiling while looking off into the distance.

FOR US Representative IN-D2

Lori Camp

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Picture of Lori, Bob her husband and their dog, Teddy at the beach.


Putting My Experience to Work

Lori Camp is a lifelong resident of South Bend, Indiana.  She is a 1985 graduate of James Whitcomb Riley High School and earned a degree in Criminal Justice from IU South Bend.  Lori is the Operations and Training Manager as well as the Vendor Compliance Coordinator for Donnell Systems, a small software firm in South Bend. Married to her husband Bob, their daughter Katie is a college student. 

Lori has served on the South Bend Community Schools Magnet School Task Force which helped the district determine how the magnet programs could be improved. 

For the past six years, Lori has been a dive coach for South Bend Adams, St. Joseph and Mishawaka High Schools.  Before that she volunteered as a board member and treasurer of her daughter's gymnastic team. She is eager to continue her service to her community as the next US Representative for the Second Congressional District of Indiana.

Lori is running for Congress to instill good Hoosier values of honesty and integrity to the halls of Congress.  Coaching high school athletes has prepared her for the antics we all have seen in Washington, D.C. Like any good coach, Lori will bring out the best in each of us so we can win together.  


Lori firmly believes that healthcare, including reproductive healthcare is a freedom that must be restored and protected at the national level.  In addition, Lori will work in a bipartisan way to bring security and compassionate immigration reform to our southern border.  She knows your freedom and security are fundamental rights, and she will not play politics with your body and/or your safety.


Lori Camp is your next-door neighbor. As a small business professional, Lori will continue working for Main Street, not Wall Street.  As a working mom, Lori understands the needs and aspirations of working families.  Every single vote she casts will be for you. Her heart and soul will be with every neighborhood of the 2nd District. As your member of Congress, Lori will make it a priority to hear your concerns. She will represent you, not the billionaires.  

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